România a devenit membru în Comitetul de asistență pentru dezvoltare al OCDE (engl)

Committee (DAC)
Romania becomes Participant in the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

Romania became a Participant in the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) on 5 April 2018. As a provider of substantial concessional finance for development co-operation and humanitarian aid, Romania will contribute to the DAC’s discussions and work on key development and humanitarian issues. Integrating Romania’s experience and perspectives will help strengthen the DAC’s capacity to inform international development discussions, making the committee more inclusive and relevant. The DAC, as the leading forum for providers of development co-operation and humanitarian aid, is an important platform for countries to learn from each other’s experience. Most notably, as a Participant, Romania will have greater opportunities to learn from other countries’ experience, good practice and lessons in managing development co-operation and humanitarian programmes and systems.

When accepting the OECD’s invitation to become a Participant of the DAC, Mr. Teodor Meleşcanu, Romania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, looked forward “to bringing Romania’s perspectives to the work and activities of the DAC and to learning from the experience of DAC members as we develop Romania’s development co-operation programme and systems further”. The DAC Chair, Ms. Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, welcomed Romania’s new role in the DAC.

Romania is the fourth Participant in the DAC and, as such, can take part in all non-confidential meetings of the committee, including its High-Level and Senior-Level Meetings, and the meetings of the DAC subsidiary bodies.

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